Minefield brings together actual British and Argentinian veterans of the Falkland/Malvinas War to share their own first-hand experiences of the conflict and life since. Rich with live-action projections, and told in both Spanish and English, the piece is staged on a film set that also serves as a time machine, where those who fought are teleported into the past to reconstruct their memories of the war and aftermath. While each actor played a different role in the war and eventually took on distinct roles in life, the only thing they have in common now is the shared label ‘veteran.’ But what is a veteran; a survivor, a hero, a madman? The project eloquently confronts different visions of war bringing together old enemies to tell one single story. This relatable production has toured to prestigious international theatre festivals and venues in England, Germany, Greece, Argentina, Chile, France, Portugal, and Scotland. As the cast delivers dialogue in both Spanish and English, surtitles for each language are alternated throughout, making the piece highly accessible for both mono and multilingual audiences.


Celebrated Argentinian theatre director, writer, songwriter and performer Lola Arias’ cross-disciplinary collaborations have resulted in an intriguing, socially conscious body of work that carefully navigates the bridge between reality and fiction. Arias’ plays are known for featuring actors who have lived the stories they retell on stage, lending an intimate, profoundly personal credibility to the topics explored.

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Minefield is on the Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America Roster for 2018-19.