A New Work by Phantom Limb Company

Project Description

Company members experiment with puppet mock-up in development lab at LMCC/Governor's Island.

Company members experiment with puppet mock-up in development lab at LMCC/Governor's Island.

Fusing puppetry with Japanese butoh, Falling Out is a story about water, Japan, Fukushima and climate crisis. Our work will examine the relationship between the falling apart of a love affair, the politics of our environment, the alienation and disconnection with our planet, and the preciousness of water.  From science to psychology, this final look at our waning connection to our threatened planet aims straight for the heart, to reorient audiences to our new reality where human and natural failure meet at an immeasurable cost.

Currently in development,  Premiere Fall 2018.  Available for touring beginning September 2018.



The Story

is simple. A love affair comes to an end (falls out) and serves as a metaphor for the loss of deep connection we once had to the earth. A couple, played by various combinations of dancers and puppets over the span of the performance, may be physically together, but they have come to a point where they no longer see each other or their surroundings. Scores of garbage bags and crinoline become physical manifestations of water and radiation and the many things that devolve into human detritus. Even pet birds, once the objects of the couple’s affections, are replaced by lifeless taxi- dermy replicas. 

The Story.png

Creative Team

Director and Scenic Design: Jessica Grindstaff

Composer and Puppet Maker: Erik Sanko

Butoh Master: Dai Matsuoka

Featuring additional music by Jennifer Charles

Video Design: Keith Skretch

Lighting Design: Brian H Scott

Sound Design:  Darron L West

Dramaturg: Janice Paran

Falling Out is commissioned by BAM and is made possible with funding by the New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Theater Project, with lead funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Falling Out was supported by the Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts JAPAN program. Falling Out was developed as part of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Process Space program. Falling Out is supported by New Music USA. To follow the project as it unfolds, visit my project page: https://www.newmusicusa.org/projects/falling-out/